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ArtWorks 2 features (13)

New features in ArtWorks 2.X

  • Shadow tool
    • Apply transparent drop shadows to any object
    • Shadowed objects remain fully editable and the shadow is updated automatically
    • Free updated ArtWorks viewer available, so files with shadows can be rendered in other applications

      Screenshot of Shadow tool and a group with a shadow applied. The Shadow tool allows you to edit the shadow colour, transparency type, transparency percentage and the offsets in X and Y directions.
  • Paste attributes
    • Copy all properties from one object to others - fill colour (including complex fill types like graduated fills or pattern fills), line width, line colour, dash pattern, arrowheads, transparency, shadow, etc.
    • Works between documents
    • Intelligently adapts graduated fills and transparency to target selection
  • Other new features
    • Open recent menu to give quick access to the most recently edited files
    • Easy way to make just one layer/all layers visible
    • Improved punctuation character import from PDF (e.g., fancy quotes and dashes)
    • Improved PDF output of contone sprites: spot colour contones are now supported

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Last modified: 19-Apr-11