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ArtWorks 2 features (14)

New features in ArtWorks 2.XI

  • ARMv7 compatibility
    • First version to be fully functional on the BeagleBoard and the ARMini
  • Styles panel
    • Create name styles based on object properties
    • Choose which attributes should be included in the style
    • View previews of all defined styles in the Styles panel
    • Apply styles to the selected objects with a single mouse click

      Screenshot of the Styles panel and the Create style dialogue box.
  • Selective paste attributes
    • When pasting attributes, choose which attributes to paste rather than pasting all attributes
    • Choose an attribute group (e.g., Line styles) or individual attributes (e.g., Shadow)
  • Other new features
    • More convenient colour deletion: while dragging a colour in the Colour Bar, a dustbin icon appears, and dragging the colour to it deletes it
    • More reliable start-up on foreign filing systems, e.g., HostFS on VRPC/Mac or SunFish.

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Last modified: 25-Apr-12