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ArtWorks 2

ArtWorks 1 and ArtWorks 1 modules

This page used to describe the plug-in modules available for ArtWorks 1. Since the release of ArtWorks 2, this page has become obsolete.


ArtWorks (by Computer Concepts), for many years the unchallenged market leader in the league of RISC OS based vector graphics illustration programs, is a modular program. This means that it is composed of independent parts (modules) that can be added, removed and updated individually.

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This gives third-party software houses the unique ability to enhance the program and add new features to it. Instead of having to change any of the existing program's code, plug-in modules (also called "add-on modules") can be supplied that fully integrate with all existing features of ArtWorks, e.g. they can add new fill and object types while still supporting the Undo facility, Draw export, etc.

Over the past 7 years, MW Software has developed an impressive range of commercial, ShareWare, and FreeWare ArtWorks modules. Recently, MW Software has taken over the complete ArtWorks project from Computer Concepts and has produced a completely new version of ArtWorks, ArtWorks 2 that includes all the new modules as standard.

Details on the pricing of upgrades from ArtWorks 1.x to ArtWorks 2 and full versions of ArtWorks 2 can be found on the Ordering page.

ArtWorks and 32-bit

ArtWorks 2 is 32-bit compatible, so it runs on Castle's XScale-powered Iyonix. ArtWorks 1 can be persuaded to run on the Iyonix using Aemulor, but with a significant slow-down compared to the native ArtWorks 2. MW Software cannot offer any support for running ArtWorks 1 under Aemulor.

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Last modified: 22-Jul-04