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ArtWorks 2 features (7)

New features in ArtWorks 2.4 (released at the Wakefield Show 2005):

  • Major bitmap export improvements:
    • Export of sprite/TIFF bitmaps larger than available RAM
    • Export in JPEG and PNG formats
    • CMYK sprite/CMYK TIFF export
    • Bitmap export of individual colour separations
    • More comfortable user interface with new options
  • Rainbow blends
  • Font background blending in text lines and text areas
  • New Print with anti-aliasing option for Crystal
  • Full support for CMYK sprites, including direct output to PostScript
  • Significant quality improvements for sprite printing
  • Colour separation of JPEG images
  • Improved path anchor point selection, most notably marquee selection for anchor points
  • Selected path anchor points can be moved using the cursor keys (nudging) in the Selector tool and using the Translate tool.
  • Various additional user interface improvements

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