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ArtWorks 2 features (6)

New features in ArtWorks 2.3 (released at the South East Show 2004):

  • Graduated transparency with graduation profiles and offset control (more details).
  • CMYK ink simulation (core ink simulation technology kindly provided by David Pilling) for both flat colours and colour graduations (click to enlarge the previews below).
    CMYK graduation simulation preview CMYK ink simulation preview
    Simulated CMYK graduations CMYK colour map rendering

    The purpose of CMYK ink simulation is to give a better on-screen approximation of CMYK colours as printed using CMYK colour separated printing, so this is a specialist feature mainly useful for professional printers. For example, the simulated CMYK graduation of the rounded rectangle reveals a muddy band that is not shown by the naive RGB rendering. This band would show up in a colour separated print.

    The second screenshot shows the standard ColourMap file supplied with ArtWorks, rendered using the standard naive CMYK rendering (left) and using CMYK ink simulation (right). A professional print of this file can be found in the ArtWorks 1 Professional Printing Guide.

  • Arranger module to make objects magnetic. Editing operations snap to these objects like to the grid.
  • Support in Selector tool for snapping bounding box edges, edge midpoints or the centre of the selection to magnetic objects when moving objects around.
  • Text areas can be converted to shapes
  • Ungroup all feature allowing multiple group objects to be ungrouped in one go.
  • Various bug-fixes and stability improvements

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