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MW Software news archive


  • 22-Feb-02: More Crystal screenshots.
  • 20-Feb-02: Have a look at the first Crystal screenshots.
  • 19-Feb-02: Development of the Crystal tool (transparency in ArtWorks) is proceeding well, the module will be released at the end of March, as originally planned and announced.
  • 26-Jan-02: Credit card ordering service changed from UK ShareWare Registration Ltd. to RegisterHouse. See the payment page.
  • 17-Jan-02: The ArtWorks SmartGroup vote is over - have a look at the results.
  • 13-Jan-02: Coming soon: The Crystal tool - transparency in ArtWorks (release planned for the end of the first quarter 2002)
  • 21-Dec-01: I wish you a peaceful Christmas and a happy New Year.
  • 12-Dec-01: Take part in shaping the future of ArtWorks: Join the SmartGroups ArtWorks mailing list and vote on 21 proposed new features.
  • 10-Dec-01: New release: ArtWorks Updater 1.03
  • 10-Dec-01: AWViewer 1.35 released (contains AWRender 1.35 with various bug-fixes related to JPEG printing). See the AWRender page.
  • 10-Dec-01: New release: BMExport 1.11
  • 10-Dec-01: New release: JPEGObject 1.09
  • 10-Dec-01: New release: AlignPlus 1.07
  • 10-Dec-01: New release: TextArea 1.09
  • 07-Dec-01: MW Software Christmas 2001 Sale - save even more money when buying collections and the ArtWorks MasterWorks Edition.
  • 05-Dec-01: New release: Download AutoSave 1.01 with a major bug fix. If you have AutoSave installed (irrespective of whether you actually use it or not) you are strongly advised to update it.
  • 24-Nov-01: Questions and answers about CorelDrawTM import/export added to the support page.
  • 18-Nov-01: TextTool 1.15 released (bug fix), see the bugs and fixes page.
  • 02-Nov-01: AWViewer 1.33 released (contains AWRender 1.33 with a bug fix for rendering pattern fills). See the AWRender page.
  • 17-Oct-01: Various new releases, see the ArtWorks modules page
  • 05-Oct-01: New: ArtWorks can now render with 128 levels of anti-aliasing instead of 16. More details to follow soon.
  • 27-Sep-01: See me at the RISC OS 2001 Show, October 20-21 2001, Blue Mountain Golf and Conference Centre, Binfield near Reading.
  • 12-Sep-01: New: The ArtWorks Updater utility brings your copy of ArtWorks absolutely up to date - all you need to do is double-click on it!
  • 06-Sep-01: More bug fixes: See the ArtWorks modules page for details.
  • 04-Sep-01: New: Registered users of Resizer receive the Full version with an additional tool. See the Resizer page for details.
  • 04-Sep-01: New release - Download Resizer 1.02.
  • 27-Aug-01: New version - Download Resizer 1.01 with much improved accuracy.
  • 24-Aug-01: New release! The Resizer module, a replacement for the bug-ridden Precision tool, allows you to scale the selection to a given size.
  • 17-Aug-01: New: The ArtWorks tuning page shows you how to bring your copy of ArtWorks up to date.
  • 09-Aug-01: More bug fixes: Due to a bug in GDraw, ArtWorks rendered incorrectly to true colour graphics modes with a width of more than 1024 pixels. This limited its use with ViewFinder and affected high-resolution bitmap export with the BMExport module. This limit has been removed, so ArtWorks now supports unlimited horizontal resolutions (vertical resolution has always been unlimited). The latest AWViewer, available from the AWRender page, contains the fixed GDraw module.
  • 13-Jun-01: See me at the RISC OS Expo 2001 (16th of June in Nieuwegein, Netherlands).
  • 06-Jun-01: Important: If you have downloaded AWViewer 1.31, please download AWViewer 1.32 with an important bug fix. See the AWRender page.
  • 05-Jun-01: Top news: AWRender update released! Computer Concepts have kindly given me permission to distribute an updated AWRender module. See the AWRender page.
  • 01-Jun-01: Collections updated! The New Full Set Collection and the Update Collection have been extended to include the latest modules and are even better value for money now! See the payment page.
  • 01-Jun-01: The ArtWorks MasterWorks Edition: Buy ArtWorks complete with the full set of plug-in modules, bug-fixes and enhancements at a very competitive price! See the MasterWorks Edition page.
  • 23-May-01: Many thanks to the organizers and to everyone I met at the Wakefield RISC OS Show. I had a very good time, and it has been a very successful show!
  • 08-May-01: New release! The ColourBar module makes applying fill and line colours so much easier: Simply drag a colour from the Colour Bar to the object you want to apply it to.
  • 23-Apr-01: AppDock page added.
  • 17-Apr-01: Sensational news: ArtWorks Hatch fills and JPEG objects in third party applications. After significant effort has been spent on reverse engineering AWRender, the ArtWorks renderer module used by other applications to render ArtWorks files, AWRender has been updated to successfully render Hatch fills and JPEG objects in ArtWorks files embedded in Impression, OvationPro etc. documents. Replicate objects may follow soon. Details about how to obtain the updated AWRender module will be published in due course.
  • 11-Apr-01: AWRender updated to render JPEG objects in ArtWorks files embedded in Impression, OvationPro etc. documents.
  • 22-Mar-01: Online credit card ordering for JPEGObject available
  • 22-Mar-01: DiscSpace 1.15 released (bug fixes only). See the DiscSpace page.
  • 22-Mar-01: See me at the Wakefield 2001 - The Acorn RISC OS Show, Sat/Sun 19/20 May 2001 (stand 71)
  • 22-Mar-01: The EPS colour bug in TextTool has been fixed. See the Known ArtWorks bugs and fixes page.
  • 20-Mar-01: New release! The JPEGObject module allows you to embed JPEG images in your ArtWorks documents without decompressing them to sprite format.
  • 19-Mar-01: The ArtWorks "Save choices" bug under RISC OS 4 has been fixed. See the Known ArtWorks bugs and fixes page.
  • 19-Mar-01: Another ArtWorks bug fix: When placing the caret in text line objects, only visible layers are taken into account. See the Known ArtWorks bugs and fixes page and download a fixed version of the standard TextTool module.
  • 03-Mar-01: A long-standing bug in ArtWorks has been fixed: Finally, you can export deep sprites (32k or 16M colours) to Draw! See the Known ArtWorks bugs and fixes page.
  • 27-Feb-01: XChars 1.07 released. See the XChars page.
  • 25-Jan-01: New direct fax line, see homepage.
  • 21-Dec-00: Online ordering available for the Update Collection.
  • 18-Dec-00: New: Buy the three most recent releases (BMExport, Grids, TextArea) at a discounted price. Have a look at the Update Collection.
  • 18-Dec-00: You can order the New Full Set Collection online with your credit card via the UK Shareware Registration service.
  • 14-Dec-00: You can order TextArea online with your credit card via the UK Shareware Registration service.
  • 06-Dec-00: Check out the New Full Set Collection, now with the TextArea module included! Get the complete set of ArtWorks modules for only 70!
  • 17-Nov-00: New release! The new ArtWorks TextArea module providing rotatable, multi-column text areas with sophisticated text handling features!
    TextArea logo
  • 17-Oct-00: Sensational price cuts: Full site licences prices have been reduced by 50%! Details are on the payment page.
  • 17-Oct-00: The Crazy Summer Sale is over, but there are new ways to save money. Have a look at the module collections on the payment page.
  • 11-Sep-00: New release! The new ArtWorks Grids module providing rectangular, isometric and circular grids.
  • 04-Sep-00: Now released: The new ArtWorks bitmap export module. High quality Sprite and GIF export the easy way!
  • 01-Aug-00: XChars 1.06 released. See the XChars page.
  • 01-Aug-00: GView 1.11 released - fixes some user interface problems! See the GView page.
  • 12-Jul-00: DiscSpace 1.14 released, it copes with discs larger than 2G. See the DiscSpace page.
  • 19-Mar-00: DiscSpace 1.13c released, it fixes a minor bug which prevented the outline fonts in icons from working under RISC OS < 3.5 - therefore, the new version is only relevant if you want to use it under RISC OS < 3.5. See the DiscSpace page.
  • 12-Mar-00: DiscSpace 1.13 released - finally it supports long file names and an arbitrary number of directory entries, so you can use it with E+ discs under RISC OS 4. See the DiscSpace page.
  • 07-Feb-00: GView 1.10 released - finally you can specify the rendering resolution! See the GView page.
  • 26-Sep-99: RISC OS RasMol 1.31 released. See the RasMol page.

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